Simplifying Short-Term Rental Management with ADDA

by Nikita Bisht
short term rentals

Are you part of a Home Owners Association (HOA) and are finding it difficult to manage Short-Term Rentals in your Community? Are you a resident who is finding it a hassle to fill multiple cumbersome forms, for registering your Tenants, making changes to their rentals, etc. ?

Checkout the Short Term Rentals module at ADDA. Our Automated Workflow streamlines the entire process, transforming the chaos into a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

What is Short-Term Rental?

A Short-Term Rental refers to the temporary renting out of a property for a brief period, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. These rentals are commonly used for vacation stays, business trips, or other short-term accommodation needs.

short term rentals

Short-term rentals offer owners a chance to earn higher rental income, especially in tourist hotspots or peak seasons. These are often cost-effective compared to hotels and also give a home-like environment with amenities.

Need of an Automated STR Management

Short Term Rentals brings good monetary benefits for the Owners. However, both for the Owners and that HOA managing tenants for short-term rentals can pose significant challenges. While the Owner has to make sure that the property is not damaged by the tenants, the HOA is often tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the tenants do not create any issues for the Community residents, they follow Community Guidelines, and use the Community Amenities properly.

Unregulated stay of Strangers in any Community on a regular basis creates Safety and Privacy risks for other Residents and Owners. It also brings questions about greater wear and tear of common amenities and demands on common services like Cleaning, Security etc.

Not just that, HOA has to make sure that an accurate record of the tenants and rental periods are kept and the personnel at gate are informed about the tenant’s arrival and stay.

This activity requires filling of multiple physical forms. Registering tenants would need filling a form, making changes to the rental period or the tenants would mean more forms, and then these forms have to be taken to the gate to ensure that personnel at the gate are informed. These processes make managing STRs a pain.

ADDA’s integrated system for Short-Term Rental Management makes this entire process super easy!

1. Streamlined Owner Experience

With ADDA, the Owners can now easily inform the Community Management Team about short-term tenants and make any necessary changes to their stay details directly from their app.

short term rentals

a) Easily submit tenant information to your community/HOA office.
b) Update tenancy dates or tenant details as needed.
c) Owners can manage all their Short Term Rental requests from one central location in the App

2. Automated Accounting Processes

The integrated accounting makes sure that STR related bills are automatically levied on raising a request and post payment automatically receipts are generated and other accounting entries are made for efficient book-keeping.

STR Accounting Process

3. Effortless Visitor Management

No more back-and-forth trips for Community and HOA office staff to update gate personnel about short-term rental visitors. With ADDA’s integrated system, staff at the gate are automatically informed about visitor details, saving time for the HOA and ensuring smooth operations.

short term rentals

a) Tenants who are part of approved STRs are automatically added to visitor management system
b) Visitor details are efficiently captured at the gate.
c) Owners receive instant notifications when tenants check in at their property.

4. Centralized Dashboard for Community Managers

Community managers have access to a central dashboard where all STR requests are consolidated, allowing them to easily check details, approve or deny requests, and this helps them eliminate all the manual processes and physical forms.

short term rentals

From requesting a STR to making changes like rental periods or names of the renters who are going to come to notifying the gate about the arrival of Tenants typically involves a lot of manual processes, like filling up forms etc. But with the right Automated Workflow, Instant online approvals, live gate updates, and centralized communications make the process super easy. The online process ensures that all of these processes become streamlined.

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