From Woofs to Meows: Empowering Communities with Pet Management by ADDA

by Nikita Bisht
Pet Management Feature

Are you a member of your community’s Management Committee facing difficulties in managing pet policies and maintaining accurate records?

As a Management Committee Member If this resonate with you, then our new Pet Management Feature in the ADDA app is designed to help you effectively manage these concerns.

The Need for Pet Management in Communities

Management Committee members play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of a community. However, they often encounter various other challenges when it comes to managing pets within the community.

Managing pet registrations, keeping accurate records of their vaccinations and communicating policies to the residents manually is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Some other Pain Points of MC Members include:

  • Policy Implementation: Struggling to consistently and fairly establish and maintain pet policies across all residents.
  • Documentation Challenges: Facing difficulties in maintaining accurate records of pet registrations, vaccinations, and adherence to community regulations. There are regulatory compliances around this. For example: In India, many states make it mandatory to report the pet details and vaccination record to local municipality.

Did You Know – The State Government of Maharashtra now mandates that owners of dogs and cats register their pets.

To read about the Pet Regulations in Maharashtra, download the PDF and Check the same under “Act 191B”.

Benefits of the Pet Management Feature

The Pet Management Feature in ADDA addresses the growing necessity for streamlined pet management in communities.

Our Pet Management Feature is specifically designed to simplify the tasks of the Management Committee members leading to a more organized and harmonious community living for the Residents and the Pets.

Some main benefits of the Pet Management Feature include –

  • Accurate Reporting: Generates comprehensive reports for easy submission to government authorities where required, ensuring compliance.
  • Efficient Management: Simplifies the process of tracking and managing pet registrations, reducing administrative workload.
  • Enhanced Communication: Provides a clear and consistent platform for communicating pet policies to residents, promoting transparency and understanding.

How to use the Feature?

You can find the Pet Management Feature in the ADDA Community Manager App under the Units & Users tab.

Steps to use the Pet Management Feature

Step 1: Enable the pet functionality from ERP > Units & Users.

Step 2: Once enabled, users can add their pet details from the ADDA app.

Step 3: All the added details will be updated against their unit in the ADDA App & ERP (Approved Users > Click on Unit Number).

Step 4: A report in Units & Users allows Community Manager to check the list of all uploaded pet details.


Our Pet Management Feature is built to address multiple pain points for Management Committee members, it gives ability to Owners / Tenants to add their Pets as a member of their Home too!

Overall this features provides the Management Committee Members with a comprehensive solution for effective pet management.

A happy pet owner

Your community can now stay ahead of regulatory requirements and create a pet-friendly environment, that is well-organized and efficiently managed. This not only fosters a harmonious living environment but also enhances the overall trust and satisfaction among residents.

Do you think this feature can help you manage your Community Better? Reach out to us here, and we will help deploy the feature in your community.

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