Here are the extract from feedbacks we received on The Water Workshop:

It was a professionally managed workshop for the apartment people, in collaboration with the rain water clubFrom the workshop I could get a better perspective of RWH especially the Roof Top variety. Today’s water seminar was thus very useful. Your efforts to meet the water requirement of Apartment communities are noteworthy for emulation.”

Ananthram Palangala,

“I found the workshop was very useful & well organized. All the presenters were very knowledgeable about their field. I never noticed the time going by as I was totally immersed into the workshop. It definitely met my expectations. Yes, I would be interested in similar workshops. I would like to thank the organizers for taking such noble efforts to educate others & making a difference.”

MR Karthik, Raindrops are falling on my head

“Many thanks for organizing the Workshop.It was a rewarding experience, brief but meaningful as we could get an insight into the practices at some of the apartment complexes and individual units. Within the time allotted, the speakers gave useful inputs, interaction with the audience enhanced their value.
The brief walkaround the Complex was also helpful. I would like to complement the organisers for the initiative taken.”

Anand Rao, Celestial Greens

“The session gave a good insight into the future of water in Bangalore and even exposed us to some good work done by apartments around us.It exceeded expectations. Did come in expecting an informative session, but this was a lot interesting and fun too.”

— Sajin, Oasis Breeze

“It did meet my expectations to a large extent.It can be better paced so that organizers donot run out of time..”

Arun Malhotra-RBR Layout,Junnasandra

Good support for a common cause…”

Ravi M. Chandran,Sobha Iris

the workshop was very useful. I would have liked the focus to be a bit more on case studies, since I was there to gather info for setting up something in our own apt.”

Chetana Shekhar ,Wood creek Apartments

informative and useful”

–Ajit,Prestige Palms

The workshop on Water Management and RWH was well conducted and educative for a person like me trying to understand how to instal the system within the constraints we have in our apartment complex.The subject bristles with quite a few technical features which perhaps would need another sitting with people who know the technology for understanding better the intricacies.”

–A.Ramachandran,Celestial Greens

The workshop did meet my expectations. The high point for me was the water video showing how a tricke of water through a fissure contributes so much!!Would love to see more such educative and actionable workshops in future!”

–Sridhar,Lakeshore Homes

It was informative & very participative.”

–Mohan,Managing Director,DAE

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  1. I am a resident of KHB flats in Jayanagar Block 1.I own two adjacent ground floor flays here. The Association failed to take off because many residents did not pay the initial subscription even.
    Waste water leaks from the flats above. I have tried every thing possible to no avail.
    Can I consult you or any person in your establishment. I am a 67 years old lady. I will appreciate if you can just give me a hearing. I cannot afford litigation. Thanking You.

    Rita Shamihoke

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