Housing Society Accounting

Interactive Webinar Series – The A-Z of Apartment Accounting – Part One

Saturday, August 1, 2020 saw the Sixth Episode of the Neighbourhoods of Tomorrow – Interactive Webinar Series hosted by the ADDA Team on The A-Z of Apartment Accounting : Taxation,…

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3 Things To Keep In Mind To Reopen Gym

At last the much expected circular to reopen gym has been released. However, this does not imply the threat of COVID-19 is over. Hence, operational motto must be prevention is…

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Online AGM

3 Best Tools For Online Society AGM

For now COVID-19 has fallen in love with Planet Earth. And this romance does not seem to be ending anytime soon. However, we have to move on with our duties….

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Asset Maintenance

Saving With Asset Maintenance

Each and every apartment community are in possession of common assets. Depending on size, the number of assets can vary between 5-50 or even more. Maintenance of these assets is…

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Gate Management

The Change In Gate Dynamics – Society Management

In a matter of a few months apartment complexes, housing societies, gated communities and residential layouts have had to reconsider their gate security and visitor management system. History shows, it…

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Covid Care Centre

COVID-19 Care Centres In Apartments – The What, Why & How

Please Note : COVID-19 Care Centre is only a support to existing medical infrastructure. Government guidelines dictate hospitalisation for patients displaying serious symptoms, children, pregnant women, senior citizens and persons…

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Society Billing And Accounting

All You Need To Know About Society Billing And Accounting

If you are the Treasurer of your Management Committee, you have by now realised housing society billing and accounting is no mean feat. In fact, society billing can get very…

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Home Quarantine Tracker

New Launch – Home Quarantine Tracker

It is established that the most impactful way of containing Spread of Covid-19 is to strictly follow Home Quarantine. Different Cities/Communities have different Criteria, as well as Rules for following…

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For Apartment Communities : Cost Saving & Financial Sustainability In The New Normal – Interactive Webinar Series

The sudden crisis of the pandemic has driven home hard the need to be a financially sustainable residential community. Community sanitisation, establishing delivery kiosks, investing in new equipment to keep…

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For Apartment Communities : Sewage Treatment Plant – Best Practices For O&M – Interactive Webinar Series

Responsible apartment communities segregate waste and reuse their water. Several residential communities have recently become more aware about sustainable practices of living. Yet there is quite a lot of catching…

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