5 indoor plants in apartments that are perfect

As apartment residents, we take up so many thoughtful measures to liven up the spaces we reside in. We arrange every nook, every corner and space with such dedication in…

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residential rent agreement

Moving In to a Gated Community – A Tenant’s Guide

Being a tenant in an apartment community is an experience everyone must have at least once in their lives. The independence and thrill of staying in a place by yourself…

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Fundamentals of Community Management – Webinar Takeaways

2021 is set to be the year when gated community properties are set to see a rise in occupancy. Residential community management is fast becoming a skill individuals are expected…

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Central Command Centre

ADDA Launches the Central Command Centre for Enterprise

As Gated Community living popularises, the residential real estate market is seeing a growing shift to outsource their Community Management to third party property management experts. Not just that –…

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Zero Waste Lifestyle in Apartments

Zero waste lifestyle in Apartments – Waste Management

Did you know? Currently, about 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated annually with at least 33% not managed in an environmentally safe manner. An average person generates…

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Smart Way to Pay your Community Dues

Every quarter around Rs. 185 Cr. community dues are paid using ADDA payment platform. From Apr 1st to Apr 8th, 2021, Rs. 40 Cr. of payment has been already made…

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BMC issues COVID SOPs for Societies in Mumbai City

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come up with a fresh set of SOPs for housing and gated communities in light of a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases. 681 buildings…

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Apartment elevator usage guidelines

Whoever thought of the concept of elevators was a genius. Modern life in tall buildings with endless floors would have been time-consuming and tiring without elevators. That is, unless you…

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Apartment security guidelines

Apartment Security Guidelines for Residents

What is the need for Apartment security guidelines?  It’s obvious that all luxurious Gated Communities have their Apartment security guidelines and protocols in place to protect its residents and safeguard…

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Housing society inheritance

Processing Housing society inheritance

Before we proceed let us gain a clear understanding of some legal terms with regard to Housing society inheritance: Inheritance – The practice of transferring property, title, debts, rights, and…

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