Experience the brand new Buzzar!

That cozy chair you had your eye on, that would look gorgeous on your balcony, perhaps the colorful jump rope that could get you started on your fitness journey, or…

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Good Karma Board farewell illustration

Good Karma Board, You Did Good.

When the COVID-19 virus kicked in, taking the world to a standstill; many residents living in communities were not able to get their basic necessities. Later as the pandemic spread,…

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Workshop Event Banner

Financial Governance for Communities – Workshop Takeaways

It is officially time for all living communities to achieve best practices for their long-term financial stability & prosperity. Towards this, ADDA returned almost after 2 years of COVID with…

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ADDA is now available in French!

Yes! you read right. Your beloved ADDA App is now available in French! Here is how you can change the language setting inside the App (this setting is only enabled…

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Auto Approvals ADDA Banner

Welcoming Auto Approvals Feature on ADDA App!

Are you annoyed with multiple visitor approval requests coming to you every day? We now have a solution for you – Auto Approvals! With this feature, the ADDA App enables…

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ADDA Central Command Centre Upgrade Illustration

The Central Command Centre gets to the level of CCC+

As a Decision Maker, you always wanted LIVE visibility across all your Communities. Now you have it, with the launch of the New CCC – Your all new Central Command…

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Illustration showing true cost of spam in society management apps

The True Cost of Spam in a Society Management App

How much is your current society management app costing your Association by spam? As per an ADDA Customer Success survey, an average free app user receives 3 spam messages daily,…

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List of Housing Society Bye-Laws Your Society Needs to Know

List of Housing Society Bye-Laws You Need to Know

How does a society govern all owners? How does it raise different funds among members? Why amendment is a part of the administration process? Where and when do members raise…

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6 Parking Laws in Housing Society to Solve Common Parking Issues

6 Parking Rules In Residential Areas to Solve Parking Issues

Two-wheelers or car parking rules in residential areas have become one of the top priorities for homeowners. It can help you avoid disputes in the allocation of parking spaces or…

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What is Automated Accounting Engine?

Automated Accounting Engine – An ADDA Innovation!

Most housing society accounting software stops at maintenance bill generation & invoicing when it comes to the financial administration aspects of your Association or Enterprise business. These software models do…

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