Software to Make Gated Communities Secure for Children

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Here is a List of how “ADDA Security” can be effective in the Security System of any Gated Community:


On the first day of their work, they report to the Association Office. The Manager / Security Head can use their Mobile Phone with the ADDA Admin app, to capture all details of the Worker including their Photo and photo of ID Card.

This is also integrated with the Biometric attendance device, so the Worker gets registered on the Biometric device as well.


After registration, the Worker punches in and out on the Biometric Device. They are sure to do this since this Biometric Report is used to pay their salary.

Manager / Managing Committee Members / Security Agency HQ can view LIVE which worker is currently inside the complex and has been inside for what duration.  They can detect any anomaly on the spot instead of waiting for logs later.

Blacklisting of Workers also becomes easy as ADDA GateKeeper app sets off an alarm whenever a blacklisted worker punches in their fingerprint on the Biometric device.


ADDA Gatekeeper app used at the Gate PC or Tablet allows Visitor Entries to be done online.

In case Intercom is not working, using ADDA GateKeeper the Guard can speak to the Resident using the Mobile intercom.

Residents can pre-approve Guests on their ADDA app, which saves time for the Guest and eliminates Queueing at the Gate.


ADDA Gatekeeper shows alerts when a Visitor exceeds their Stay duration. The Guard can then call the Visitor directly and enquire. E.g., if a Delivery Boy is inside the Community for more than 1 hour, the Guard can call the Delivery Boy. If an AC service person is inside a Flat for more than 3 hours Guard can call the Resident and check.


ADDA Gatekeeper mobile app has the Incident Report option. The patrolling guard can simply take multiple pictures of the incident and record a description in their spoken language.

This incident report can later be enriched with written description etc.


Residents may want to share alarming situations on the ADDA App – conversations. This is visible to all other Residents.

However, they may choose to report an observation directly to the Association office. They can do this using “helpdesk” option on the ADDA App.

They can also direct message a neighbour on the ADDA App.


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