EV Charger in Apartment

How to Install EV Charger in YOUR Apartment Parking Slot

Are you living in an Apartment Community in India, and looking to buy an Electric Vehicle?Are you concerned about all the debate about EV Charging in Apartment Communities?  Is your Apartment Community…

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association accounting

Mastering Association Accounting: 5 Golden Rules to Keep Your Finances on Track

Financial Governance is the most important Pillar of any Association. Associations without Robust Financial Governance become a hotbed of Corrupt Practices, lose Funds and over time the Property falls to poor…

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Community Events Guide – for Residential Communities

One of the BEST parts of Community Living are the Celebrations! The Community Events that happen in the Common Area, open to all Residents to enjoy, where Residents Experience with various…

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What is Automated Accounting Engine?

Automated Accounting Engine – An ADDA Innovation!

Most housing society accounting software stops at maintenance bill generation & invoicing when it comes to the financial administration aspects of your Association or Enterprise business. These software models do…

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3 Similarities & Differences between Apartment Association and Commercial Company

3 Similarities and Differences Between a Society/Apartment Association and a Commercial Company

Manpower is the building block for running a commercial corporation or for the takeover of a society or apartment Association. No traditional corporation or apartment management system can function without…

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Home Quarantine Tracker

New Launch – Home Quarantine Tracker

It is established that the most impactful way of containing Spread of Covid-19 is to strictly follow Home Quarantine. Different Cities/Communities have different Criteria, as well as Rules for following…

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What Should Be Your Apartment Complex's (AGM)Annual General Meeting Agenda?

Planning To Conduct Online AGM of Your Society?

In the New Normal of COVID-19, social distancing is the key consideration for all public gathering. The sacrosanct Annual General Meeting is approaching and several Management Committee members are already…

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In-House Delivery Hub – ADDA GateKeeper

On an average, 67% of all Outsiders entering a Gated Community are Delivery Agents. In the post-corona world, almost every Gated Community has stopped the entry of Delivery Agents, with…

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Nurse Assisted Quarantine @ Home in ADDA App.

Nurse Assisted Quarantine @ Home

We are happy to share our collaboration with Portea to offer the below service on your ADDA app. Assisted Quarantine at Home (Currently offered by partner only in Bangalore) This…

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Lockdown of an Apartment Complex due to Coronavirus

This is part of the Running Blog post: Steps being taken by Residential Communities to fight Covid19 You may wonder what steps to take when a coronavirus positive is detected…

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