New features and Oasis Breeze goes live!

by Vishnu

Apartment Adda is a month old now! It is hardly a milestone when we compare ourselves against business giants who have seen centuries go past while they strive incessantly to serve their customers.. But then, you cannot blame the first-time-parents of a newborn for cutting a cake for every month that their baby survives and grows.. 🙂

So, what did Apartment Adda do in the past month. We added new features (the Adda Profile, Batch upload of residents database, Apartment Complex Income and Expense trackers and an improvised Poll), we demonstrated Apartment Adda to interested Association committees and spoke to many apartment residents who are excited about using Apartment Adda.

Oasis Breeze, our founding ADDA, went live a few weeks back. It also happens to be our home and a neighbourhood full of enthusiasm agnd life. Of a total of 165 flats, 163 residents are already online on the Oasis Breeze Adda. We, at Apartment Adda, wish Oasis Breeze all the best with building a great neighbourhood together!

That’s all from us as of now.. As always, do write in!

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