Election of Apartment Owners’ Association goes online!

by Vishnu

Last weekend the election for Office Bearers of the Apartment Owners’ Association was conducted by Oasis Breeze – ApartmentAdda’s founding customer. What made it special is that Oasis Breeze provided an online secret ballot along with the paper-ballot so that EVERY owner, irrespective of where he was during the voting, could exercise his/her right to vote!

The Secret Ballot was hosted on the Oasis Breeze Adda, which reflected the exact operations of the paper ballot. It maintained the confidentiality of a secret ballot, gave exclusive powers to the election officer to create and view the poll results, opened and closed automatically on the announced time, and made it possible for results to be manually verified on authorized request!

Of course, there were the obvious benefits of an online poll – extended poll duration (2.5 days) since no manning of a poll booth is required, no manual counting, automatic prevention of double voting from a flat, in-built verification if the voter is authorized to vote, and printed reports with due regard to confidentiality.

The best part – residents who were temporarily out of town did not miss the Association election!

The online secret ballot was conducted first, followed by the paper ballot. Since this Adda contains the complete residents’ database online, a simple printout of the same provided the Attendance List needed for the Paper-Ballot – with the residents who had already voted online marked accordingly.

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Anonymous April 3, 2009 - 6:26 pm

I like the idea behind your online ballot. Every owner should have a say in the association election – irrespective of where he or she is on the day of election.

Antony Raj

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