Bangalore Property Registration made easy

by Vishnu

Most Aparegistrationrtment owners in Bangalore are a little too familiar with the pains of obtaining a BBMP Khata (Khatha). Without the Khata the apartment is difficult to sell. There are many complications, specific to each builder, in the process of getting a BBMP Khata for the individual apartment.  In cases, where the builder holds a CMC or other non-BBMP Khata, then the ball lies in his court to obtain the BBMP Khata. In most newly occupied apartment complexes, the Apartment Owners’ Association pursue the BBMP Khata conversion, in cooperation with the Builder, for a smooth property registration.

There seems to be possibility of a relief with the Karnataka Government including Khatas other than BBMP in the list of acceptable documents for property registration! This means that an individual owner can proceed with the apartment sale if he has the CMC/TMC/Panchayat or other official Khata. The process of obtaining BBMP Khata can continue in parallel.

This information is in the newspapers but not on the BBMP website yet. Please see the news article here:

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