Asset Tracker for Apartment Asset Management

by Vishnu

ADDA is excited to announce the launch of the Asset Tracker! A simple and robust application, it equips the Apartment Association to ensure long life of Apartment Assets, and minimize repair costs by timely preventive maintenance.

Asset Tracker makes it very easy to record and maintain Association Assets such as – Electrical Devices (Transformer, Generator, Submersible Pump), Gym Equipments, Housekeeping Equipments, and any other Capital Asset.

Track Asset Details for preventive maintenance

Track Asset Details for preventive maintenance

All information can be accessed on one page, separated by tabs. Seller’s contact information and AMC provider’s contact information can be stored with Asset, email/sms alerts can be set up for preventive maintenance schedule, service history can be maintained and scanned documents such as warranty/user manual etc. can be stored in the Asset Record!

You can set the service alert emails/sms to go to the Facility Manager, as well as to selected Management Committee members. The alert content automatically includes the service provider’s contact numbers, so you can call them up and confirm the service appointment right after receiving the alert!

No more unpleasant surprises of the Submersible Pump breaking down due to missed servicing dates, or misplaced warranties and purchase invoices!

Asset Tracker is part of the Premium PRO package of ADDA.

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