Ranka Heights ADDA goes Live!

by Vishnu

Ranka Heights, a beautiful Residential complex right in the heart of Bangalore, in Domlur became our Premium Customer and went live recently.

Here is our post go-live chat with the IT sub-committee.

What was the trigger for looking for an Apartment Management software

To achieve better, structured communication and collaboration between apartment owners, tenants etc in the short-term and to have a web based system for tracking issues, booking facilities etc in the long term

How many Vendors did you evaluate.

Two shortlisted vendors.

How long was the evaluation period?

3-4 months on and off

What were the main evaluation criteria?

Features – short term and long term, user-friendliness, price, stability of the company

What are the reasons you chose ApartmentAdda?

User-friendliness/usability and the company background were two main reasons.

Wishing the best of collaboration, management and a happening community!

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