Chaithanya Samarpan goes Live!

by Vishnu

One of the beautiful villa communities in Whitefield – Chaithanya Samarpan, became our Premium User and went live IMG_1007this month! We extend a warm welcome to this close-knit community.

Here is our post go-live chat with the IT sub-committee:

(AA: ApartmentAdda ; CS: Chaithanya Samarpan IT Sub-Committee)

AA: What was the trigger for looking for an Apartment Management software


Ability to manage association activities and members in a transparent manner
Ability to come out of custom documents (excel / pdfs ) etc
Uniformity in communication
Threaded discussion
History of all transactions
Backup / Recovery of artifacts e.g. Documents, discussions, communication
Ability to handover to new committee easily

AA: How many Vendors did you evaluate

CS: 4 Vendors.

AA: What were the main evaluation criteria


Privacy and Security
Non intrusive
Communication through mail and sms
Local Support Team

AA: What are the reasons you chose ApartmentAdda


Privacy and Security
Communication through mail and sms
Local Support Team

Chaithanya Samarpan is also the home of many Multi-Adda Users – i.e., users who own a home in Samarpan but live in a different Community (and vice-versa), which is also on ApartmentAdda. These customers utilize the Single Sign-On facility which lets them toggle between their multiple homes, seamlessly!

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