Associations helping in Khata Registration

It is an open secret in Bangalore that for Khata registration or transfer, Bribe is one of the line items of the unseen Invoice.

Alongside the vast majority of Home Buyers who write the Bribe off as cost to get that Dream Home ownership process concluded, there are also trendsetters who have made a highly commendable example of standing up and saying “I WANT IT, BUT THE RIGHT WAY”.

SunCity Apartment Owners Association (SAOA) has been one of these trendsetters, following the No-Bribe Khata Registration process for its Members, as well as sharing their Lessons Learnt and Best Practices with other Associations in Bangalore. Their journey has been difficult, has required time and commitment from the Association Leads, but then the triumph over wide-spread corruption is no mean achievement!

Here is an excerpt from their website where they provide all information regarding their journey.

“16-Aug-09 is another historical day for suncitizens residing at Suncity Apts, near Sarjapur junction, Bangalore when 50 Khatha completed without paying any bribe and were distributed by MLA, Mr Satish Reedy, Bommanahalli constituency. Addressing a gathering of 200 Suncity residents, Mr Satish Reddy congratulated the association office bearers on undergoing the process of legally obtaining khata without bribing anyone. He offered the residents to come forward and contact him for any issues concerning various Government departments in his constituency.
Although the journey was long to reach to this milestone and it took nearly 6 months but Kudos to our office bearers Kashinath Prabhu (Secretary), Vidyasagar Magdum (Treasurer), Chander hass Banotra (Vice-President) and our senior citizens especially Mr Ashok Kumar Dube for doing wonderful job on publicity, organizing camp for common documents, helping BBMP in arranging documents, visiting BBMP office minimum once every week and persistent follow ups.”

Here is an interview of the Association Leaders, recently conducted by Citizenmatters:

ApartmentAdda has immense respect and appreciation for Association Leaders, who don’t care a hoot about the job being ‘Thankless’ or ‘Voluntary’, and continue the ‘toil of care’ with as much professionalism and commitment as their day job.

We wish them cooperation from the community and more such triumphs!

Has your Association also done a commendable service for the Community, that you want to share? Do write to ApartmentAdda, and we would love to showcase it.

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