Feedback from Estate Managers

by Vishnu

Feedback from Estate Managers on the recently concluded Estate Manager Workshop:

“This Estate Manager workshop is really good, I had an opportunity (to) meet different Estate Managers. The gathering was very useful, should be conducted frequently, probably for full day.  We were able to discuss & exchange opinions & ideas. Thank You.” – A. Prabhakar. Estate Manager, SJR Verity

“Very good session, learning skills Applications are good. Good software to learn – ApartmentAdda. Very good workshop I have experienced.”– Ravi. Estate Manager, Sobha Aquamarine

“It was a wonderful session, which makes helpful learning and experience. As per my knowledge we need to have little more workshop on the same. I have been already using the same software (ApartmentAdda), it is very useful for those with computer knowledge.”- N T Sreedhara. Estate Manager, Salarpuria Properties

“In future this type of Estate Manager workshop please intimate regular manner. So we will attend the same. It will help me a lot.”- Rajan Babu. Estate Manager, Royale Habitat

“Learned a lot from ApartmentAdda. Very good experience. Thanks.” –P.Ravichandran. Estate Manager, Sobha Opal

“Good presentation for Facility Management” –S.Dinesh Leo Martin. Estate Manager, Sobha Rose

“The experience was great and it was a learning experience.” –R.L. Madan. Estate Manager, SJR Redwoods

“Very good workshop. It is a get together of all Estate Managers & we can share ideas/experiences. In this workshop, you can give training how to handle the complaints/financial statements & presentation to committee & residents.” Murthy. Estate Manager, Zen Gardens

“Good Efforts” –Aminath Babu. Estate Manager, Petra Park

Workshop moments

Workshop moments

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DAVID GROVE July 31, 2010 - 12:20 pm

Suggest that these workshops be focused more on the soft ware. It should be more on training and getting to know what the software is all about. Based on the design and features, is where we will understand what is required to be added OR requires changes.

Ultimately , it should be user friendly and less time consuming to help us generate our reports, MIS and track records.

About the complaint management – In some places we have a help desk, and others, its through the security, maintenance etc. So to keep a track of this system, especially for those snags closed and what action next, in case it is not closed, is an issue. Also the escalation matrix, not included ???.


san July 31, 2010 - 3:22 pm

Hello David sir,

Point taken, thanks! This workshop was the first of its kind, and a learning for us as well.

We are understanding the expectations better, and you will find the fine-tunings in the next workshop! We will definitely give ApartmentAdda training a lion’s share of the time in the subsequent workshops.

Do look up the Complaint Tracker>Setup for the Escalation Matrix. I guess it is yet to be setup for Jasmine – Daasji may be at it as we speak!


gunashekar.R January 18, 2012 - 7:08 pm

For estate manager,is good English speaking is necessary ? . Technically I am very sound. I solved
the lot of problems in electrical,stp, wtp, fire alarm and I know Hindi and south Indian languages . My English conversation is okay but it is difficult to speak continuously . I suffering from inferiority complex.Can any body help me.

Chetan Gupta January 20, 2012 - 5:40 pm

hello gunashekar, i think english fluency is useful mainly for interacting with residents, and also to create official notices etc.

but in many apartment complexes, the role of building supervisor is there where technical knowledge is more important than english fluency.

you can apply to such roles, till your english is improved. all the best!

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