Buzzar for Associations

by Vishnu

Dear Association / Management Committee members,

Shopping for facility management services was never so easy before! We are happy to announce the launch of marketplace known as Buzzar. You can use Buzzar to shop for facility management related services and products for your apartment community.

Earlier this year, ApartmentAdda conducted a survey for Associations in Bangalore, to find the issues faced by them while shopping for Facility Management vendors.

According to the survey, majority of the Associations felt that enough information is not available on

1)      The existing and reliable vendors who provide service

2)      The Apartments the vendors are serving/have served

3)      The experience of other association owners about the vendor’s quality of service

4)      Availability of Quotes in standard formats, and in a central space where all MC members can review and act upon.

More than 60% of respondents felt that information about existing property management providers and the apartments they are servicing, the feedback provided by association owners will help them in choosing the best possible vendor.

More than 60% of respondents felt that information about existing Facility Management vendors, information on customers they are servicing, and the feedback provided by other Associations will help them in choosing the best possible vendor.

Buzzar addresses the issues mentioned above and aims to reduce the time taken for evaluating facility management vendors by

1)      Sharing exhaustive list of VERIFIED vendors who provide wide range of services related to facility management.

2)      Providing DETAILED information of vendors , the gated communities they have serviced

3)      Sharing of experience of vendor service between Associations

4)      Pre-populating the Apartment Profile (e.g. no. of Units, Address etc.) that is stored in your Adda

5)      Making the Quotes sent by Vendors available in ‘Admin Files’ of your Adda.

Buzzar provides the following features for Associations

1)       Shop for facility management related services/products

2)       Provide/View feedback on existing vendors

3)       Refer a vendor

Buzzar allows you to request for quote for variety of services which are generally used in gated communities. Those are Housekeeping , Security, Pest control, Upgrade/AMC/Repair for Sewage treatment plant , Swimming Pool , Generator , Transformers, Bore well/Pumps , Gym equipments.  Buzzar will be expanding to more categories under facility management and we look forward to your active contribution towards this.

You can even earn reward points for your Association for utilizing the Buzzar services. These reward points can be encashed for premium SMS , Free Add Ons or substantial discount for Premium Adda subscription.

Buzzar Screenshot

Buzzar Screenshot

Get Started!

Yours Sincerely,

Jagannath Balachandran

ApartmentAdda Team


1. Jagannath Balachandran is an IIMB student and an ex-Thoughtworker. He can also be reached at

2. Interests to list on the Buzzar or any queries can be sent to

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Rahul August 28, 2010 - 6:50 pm

This is a very interesting release from you guys. Keep it up !


san August 30, 2010 - 7:15 pm

Thanks, Rahul.

Office Furniture April 29, 2011 - 7:49 pm

I agree completely. When it comes to a clean office environment today’s facility managers muss also be concerned about the chemical fumes released by desks, tables, and chairs in the office. Fortunately the office furniture industry adopted the GreenGuard standard for materials used in these products as a means to protect the workers in your facilities..

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