FAQ for Payment Gateway

by Vishnu

FAQs on the ADDA Payment Gateway

Q1. Does ADDA have access to or store the Bank/Credit Card details of the Payer

A. No. Once the Payer enters the Payment Gateway, ADDA does not have any access to the data being provided by him. ADDA only receives a Success/Failure input from the Payment Gateway, based on which it generates the Receipt.

Q2. Will the money be transferred from the Resident directly to the Society’s bank by the Gateway?

A. No. The gateway transfers money from multiple sources (Residents) to one target (a designated bank account, NOT controlled by ADDA – per RBI guidelines). This Designated Bank then transfers respective Amounts to the Association Banks, per pre-configured & regular instructions.

Q3. What is the charge for utilizing the Payment Gateway

A. The Society pays a small one-time fee for the Payment Gateway setup. There are no other charges for the Society.

The resident while utilizing the Payment Gateway pays a nominal convenience charge per transaction.

Q4. After making the payment when will the Resident get the confirmation/Receipt

A. Once the Resident’s online transaction successfully completes, an instant e-receipt will be generated right on his ADDA. This will be viewable by the Resident on the last screen, as well as will be sent to him via email. A confirmation will be sent via SMS. The Receipt will be available on his Account Statement in his ADDA.

Q5. How will the Transaction show up on the Credit Card Statement of the Payer (Resident)?

A. The transaction will show the following in the Narration “3Five8 Technologies” or “3Five8 Tech”

Q6. How will the Treasurer/MC members know when a Payment Gateway transaction is made?

A. You (the ADDA Admins) can view all Payment Gateway transactions that have happened in your ADDA, right under the Bank & Cash application. You view these the same way that you view the Cheques entered in the system, just that the Instrument Bank will be “ADDA Payment Gateway” and the Instrument Type will be “Online Payment”.

Q7. How will the Amount Transferred by the Payment Gateway to the Society Bank, show up on the Society Bank statement?

A. A. The transaction will show the following in the Narration “3Five8 Technologies” or “3Five8 Tech”

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