Running the Association Affairs

by Vishnu

Shriram Spandhana – a Premium Residential Complex (500+ units) in Domlur, one of the happening ADDAs, and an extremely active Management Committee. We have known them spending hours in back-to-back Association meetings on weekends, staying up all night over-seeing the laying of new roads, putting up innovative transport sharing methods, and deploying their ADDA with methodical commitment- utilizing each Application of it thoroughly. This team, currently led by Mr. Pawan Bhageria with active members like Mr. JAK , Mr. Bhupesh and guided by Industry stalwarts like Mr. Ranganathan, is an inspiration!

This morning we received a Personal Testimonial from Mr.Bhupesh, which quite made our day! Here we share it with you.

” For any product to be successful,  the timely support is very critical. I have always received quick response from ADDA team. They have always delivered on commitments. ADDA team listens to our needs and open to make suitable changes in ADDA.

We have started with Forum, complaints tracking system, polls, and then facility booking. The complaint tracking system has made our support staff more accountable and their Service quality measurable. The SMS and email features of Adda made the communication to residents very easy. We are actively looking at deploying the purchase and accounting related Adda tools in near future.

I can’t think of running the association affairs without a great tool like ADDA.”

Thank You, and we stay committed to be the Technology Backbone of these Forward-Thinking Societies and their active MC Teams!

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