Complete Builder to Housing Society Handover Checklist

by Vishnu

Quite a few ADDA users are Multi-Dwelling Complexes that have formed the Housing Society and are in the process of taking Control & Maintenance Handover from the Builder. We hope this Study and Comprehensive Checklist will help both the Builder and the Society in a hassle-free Handover using a reliable society management system.

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The lifecycle of a typical Multi-Dwelling Complex (Apartment/Villa Complex):

1. Purchase of a Land Bank by the Builder from the Landowner(s)

2. Construction of the Building and sale of individual Units to Owners (typical duration of 1-3 years)

3. Handover of the Units to the Owners for Occupation, and maintenance of the Complex by the Builder (typical duration of 1-3 years)

4. Formation of the Owners Association/Society and handover of the Maintenance & Control by Builder to the Society (typical duration of 3-5 months)

5. Management of the Complex  by the Owners Society (typical duration of 25-40 years)

6. Redevelopment of the Complex by the Owners Society in collaboration with a Builder.

It is evident that the crossover between Point 4 and Point 5 above is crucial. A Property which will be managed by the Owners Association for 25-40 years and beyond needs to be handed over well to the Housing Society.

builder handing over housing society

Here is a comprehensive checklist any Housing Society will require for a smooth Handover from the Builder:

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Checklist for Handover from Builder to the Housing Society / Owners Association


P1. Property Documents executed between the Landowners and Builders

P2. Approved Construction Plan – A manual inspection to check for faulty construction is recommended.

P3. Completion Certificate

P4. Occupancy Certificate

P5. NoC from Fire Department

P6. NoC from Electrical Inspector

P7. Clearance to operate Elevators

P8. Property Insurance Document (if any)

Along with the above mentioned documents, it is advisable of the society management to keep the following documents as well:

  1. Copy of “Declaration” duly vetted by the competent authority.
  2. Detail of compounding (if any) along with all relevant documents, payment receipt and Clearance certificate by competent authority.
  3. All approvals /NOCs from relevant authorities with respect to Switchgear, Meters, panels, Transformers etc.
  4. Sanction letter from relevant authorities for Electricity Sanctioned and allotted load along with flat wise load allocation.


O1. Drawings of the Electrical Wiring including Earthing Points

O2. Drawings of the Water Piping

O3. STP Drawing & certification by Architect/Pollution Control Board

O4. Waste Disposal system with approval from Pollution Control Board

O5. AMC Documents – Lift, Generator, Transformer, ADDA portal, etc.

O6. Invoices and Warranties for all Assets – Pumps, Lift, Generator, Transformer, Pool Equipments, Gym Equipments

O7. Maintenance Schedule for all Assets

O8. Work Schedule of all Staff maintaining the complex

O9. Sump and Overhead Tank Documentation

O10. Approval from local authorities for Bore well, RWH compliance documented evidence.

O11. Technical documentation for pumps, documentation for overhead tanks, documentation indicating borewell depth, etc.

F1. Payment Record for Taxes towards Property, Construction and Maintenance

F2. Payment Record for City/Municipality Water Supply

F3. Record of Maintenance Expenses while under Builder’s Maintenance

F4. Record of all Collections made from the Owners (except purchase related)

F5. Contracts with existing Maintenance, Security staff (could be same as L6)

F6. Apartment wise Detail of IFMS and Sinking fund to be refunded to the AOA/Apartment Owners and detail of deductions (if any).

F7. Record of Security deposits at various authorities like Electricity, Water etc.


L1. Sale Deed copy/Proof of Ownership of all Owners

L2. Share Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)

L3. Khatha Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)

L4. Car Parking Allocation Record

L5. All Legal Documents executed between the Builder & Landowner (could be same as P1)

L6. Contracts with Vendors

L7. Undertaking by the Builder regarding Indemnity & Limitation of Liabilities of the Society for all transactions prior to the Handover Date

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For more information on builder handovers, you can also refer to the link here.

Useful Handover Tips:

  • Start Right by setting up your Society Management & Accounting on the most comprehensive society management system, ADDA.
  • To find Facility Maintenance Vendors, such as Housekeeping, Security etc. log into the ADDA App and search in Discover.

Contact us for direct queries about the builder-society handover and how a tech-enabled society management system like ours can escalate the process conveniently.

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Ellen Brock June 19, 2011 - 8:53 am

Hi, I would like to understand what is a car parking allocation record.

Thanks and regards,


Guhan P June 20, 2011 - 11:10 am

Hi Ellen, in Apartment Complexes where Parking Slots are sold separately, there is an allocation of Car Park by the Builder to the Owner. This means marking the Car Park with the Flat Number of the Owner, having the Parking Slot number documented in the Sale Deed and having a Document that Maps Flat numbers/Owner Names with the Parking Slot Numbers. This is the Car Parking Allocation Record.

If this is not done by the Builder, then it is difficult for the Association to do it later, as it causes conflicts.

Ellen Brock July 30, 2011 - 3:37 am

Hi, Which department is giving the clearance to operate the elevators and what is the specific name of the document one needs to ask for? Thanks, Ellen

Ellen Brock August 14, 2011 - 7:51 am

Hi, what is the difference between an occupancy certificate and a completion certificate and which authority issues this?


san January 16, 2013 - 11:29 am

Hi Ellen here is the post about the difference.

Thanks for inspiring its creation!

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