Flash your Message

by Vishnu

Dear ADDA Admins,

Along with the SMS/EMail Broadcasts, and the Notices, now you can also “Flash” a Message.

You can create a Message – e.g., New Joinee’s Welcome Message, and set it up as a “Flash”. Whenever a User logs into your ADDA for the first time, he will see this “Flash” and has to click on “Acknowledged”,  before seeing the Resident’s Dashboard.

Try it out, the obvious next Flash must be “Join us in the Flag Hoisting & Laddu eating compeition on 15th August!” : )

Get started here: Admin Dashboard > Manage Users > Broadcast

Enjoy your ADDA!

– Team ADDA

PS: This was an oft requested Feature, and the credit goes to Ferns Rainbow Drive and Ferns City for the push.

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