Sample Rental Agreement Everything You Need To Know

by Vishnu

Sample Rental Agreement:

Copy+Paste the below Sample Rental Agreement in World Document, change the data enclosed in <>. Leave Top-Half of the First Page blank, so this can be printed on stamp paper.  Happy Renting!


This Agreement Made at <city> this <day> of <month> <year> between

<Owner> residing at No:…………..hereinafter called the LESSOR (which expression wherever the context so requires, shall mean and include her heirs, executors, and assigns of the one part), and

<Tenant> residing at…….herein after referred to as the LESSEE (which expression shall wherever the context so requires or admits mean and include its successors) of the other part;

AND WHEREAS the Lessor is the absolute owner of the property located at <Address of Property> described in the Schedule I attached hereto, hereinafter referred to as the Premises.

AND WHEREAS the Lessee has approached the Lessor to give the said Premises on lease for use and occupation by the lessee, as his residence and the Lessor has agreed to the same on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned.

AND NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH (sample rental agreement):

1. The Lessor hereby grants the Lessee and the Lessee hereby accepts from the Lessor the lease of the said Premises for a period two years (two years), effective from <From Date>, and upon the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned.

2. This Agreement shall be in force for a period of <Lease Period> from <From Date> and the terms and conditions herein contained. After such period the Lessee and Lessor may renew this lease on the same terms for a further period of one term, after which it shall be renewed with a rental increase of a mutually agreed amount.

3. The rent for the use and occupation of the said Premises shall be <Monthly Rent Amount> per month, payable on or before the 5h of the succeeding month, by cheque favoring <Payable to>

4.  The Lessee has paid a sum of <Security Deposit Amount> as interest-free Security Deposit to the Lessor.  It is agreed that the amount paid by the Lessee is to be refunded to the lessee on the day of expiry of this lease or on earlier termination, subject to adjustments towards rental dues, breakages, damages and restoration of the property to the original condition, normal wear and tear excepted.

The Lessee shall bear the electricity  & other utility charges and day-to-day maintenance of the premises and common areas

The lessor shall pay property tax, water and sewerage tax, and any other tax and rates as may be applicable.

5.  It is hereby agreed by and between the parties that, notwithstanding anything contained herein during the subsistence of this agreement and renewal thereof, the Lessee or the Lessor shall have the option to terminate this agreement by giving to each other two months prior notice in writing, and this agreement will accordingly stand terminated on the expiry of the said period of notice.

6.  The Lessee shall not transfer, sub let or part with the possession of the Premises or any portion thereof without prior written consent of the Lessor.

7. The Lessee shall not do any act or deed in contravention to any Government acts, rules & regulations, or conditions or rules imposed by any local bodies like the corporation, CMDA etc..

8. The Lessee shall hand over vacant possession of the said premises to the Lessor on termination of this agreement or its renewal as the case may be, in the same condition as it was at the commencement of this lease with reasonable wear and tear excepted.  In the event of the lessee painting the walls a different colour or affixing nails on the wall, adding or removing electrical wiring, the same must be removed/ replaced, and the premises restored to the original condition at the time of vacation of the premises, failing which a sum up to one month’s rental shall be forfeited from the security deposit towards such repairs and restoration.

9. The Lessee shall not carry out any structural alterations and additions or changes in the said premises without the prior consent in writing from the lessor.

10. The Lessee shall keep the interior of the said Premises and the fittings and fixtures including electrical sanitary and plumbing therein in good and usable condition subject to normal wear and tear.

11. Subject to the provisions of clause 10 above, the Lessor shall be responsible for carrying out any major repairs when needed in the said premises whether external or internal including of the electrical, sanitary and plumbing systems windows, floors, plasters, tiles and shall keep the said premises in proper repair at his own cost.

12. The Lessor and his agent or contractors, authorised by the Lessor shall have full liberty to inspect said premises at any reasonable hour, in the daytime, with prior intimation, to view the conditions thereof and to effect such repairs as the Lessor is required to do, and to carry out any work and the Tenant shall allow the same to be done without any objection.

13. The Said Premises shall be used only for the purpose as a residence for <Mr. Tenant> and his family members only and not for any other purpose


LESSOR:                                                                                   LESSEE:

WITNESS:                                                                               WITNESS:


Schedule I (sample rental agreement)

<List the House Inventory i.e. Electrical Fittings – Lights, Fans, Geysers etc:>

Hall / Living Room:

1. Tiled Flooring.

2. Showcase on the wall with Glass sliding doors.

3. Two Celing Fans.

4. Two Tube Lights.

5. Switchboards & Electrical Plug Points.

6. Godrej Latchet on the Main Door.

Bedroom with attached bath:

1. Tiled Flooring.

2. LG Air Conditioner and Remote.

3. One Covered Cupboard with Cloth Hangar.

4. One Celing Fan.

5. One Tube Light.

And so on.. >

WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES hereto have affixed their respective signatures to this deed on the day, month and year above written.

Please note : This is only a sample rental agreement. It can be used as a template to draft your rental agreement. The sample rental agreement is in no way inflexible to your requirements

You can also use ADDA to share such documents among your community. The apartment management software allows document sharing through its app.

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