Move In/Out Tracker launched!

by Vishnu

The common aim of every Gated Community: Establish a robust Move-In, Move-Out Process.

Challenges in achieving this aim

  1. Arriving at a streamlined best-practice process that serves the purpose, without being an overkill.
  2. Enforcing the process uniformly in the Society Office and monitoring the same.

Till date you wished this process could be online.

Now it is!

Move In/Out Tracker

A new Add-On Move-In/Out Tracker is now available in your ADDA, which lets you Customize a Move-In form for your Society.   After this the Move-In process becomes an Automated Workflow! The form is sent automatically to every new Registrant. The system then guides both parties – the New Registrant and the Admin with the next steps, till approval!

A bouqet of Advanced Fields, contributed by long-running Associations with strict Move-In/Out processes, are available to you while customizing the Move-In Form.  You can choose which of these fields you want to be part of your Move-In Form.  You can also provide custom Instructions – E.g., Truck to be brought in before 7PM, or Service Lift to be utilized for moving Furniture, etc.


Clear Process, with most of the activities done as Self Service by the person moving in. Significant savings in cost & effort for Admin Staff.

  1. When a new Tenant is moving in, the Owner instructs him: Just Register on our ADDA and you will be guided through.
  2. The Tenant Registers, receives the Move-In form right in his Email Inbox, fills and saves.
  3. The Filled Form becomes available to Admin, who reviews the form and does the Approval.
  4. Since the time of the Office Staff is saved, they have used the time to assemble the Welcome Kit with a Bottle of Champagne and a Bunch of Flowers 🙂

Happy Move-Ins!

Did we mention this Add-On comes Free of Cost to all our Premium ADDAs!  Just log in and get going with the new Truck icon on the Admin’s Dashboard!

Enjoy your ADDA!

Your Sincerely,


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