No Place Like Home – 2012 Calendar Contest!

by Vishnu

A window sparkling on the 15th floor, a glorious garden in full bloom, neighbours celebrating, a child’s room scattered with toys and life! There are many shots in your camera for the Home you love!

Enter those pictures in the ADDA 2011 Calendar Contest! 12 Picture Perfect Homes, One proud Calendar for you to own and don the desk of 900+ High-End Societies in India! Send your pictures to

What kind of Pictures

1. High Rises / Villas

2. Landscaped Garden of a Apartment/Villa Complex

3. Community Celebrations

4. A “Home” moment (inside a Villa/Apartment)


All  ADDA Users are invited to enter the Contest. Please ensure a  High resolution version of the Photo is available (for printing).

Multiple Entries from the same Community are welcome. Please try to limit Entries per Photographer to 3.

Winners will be selected with Public voting.

Update on Dec-07: Voting is now OPEN!

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