Enterprise Application for Associations on Cloud

by Vishnu

It has happened. The “Enterprise” word has got attached to the definition of ADDA. Thanks to Mr. Vidya Prakash of the majestic Adora Akshaya Homes in OMR Chennai!

Mr. VidyaPrakash. Secretary, AOA.

” We took decision to have ADDA software some 6-7 Months back (August 2011) and today when we look at this decision, we are extremely happy about going ahead with this software Application. We can term this application as Enterprise Application for Associations on Cloud. A very well designed and easy to use Application. This covers almost all areas of work any association works in.

Its Accounting Package is so well structured that we are sure any Association would like to have their Book Keeping as maintained in ADDA. Asset Tracking Module although evolving but still provide a lot of features/tracking and once setup properly is of great value add.

This Application makes the association run in structured/process oriented/transparent way and makes any Association functioning, people-independent to a very large extent. All members  of association (Residents/Owners) have a great visibility and interactions through its Resident’s Dashboard.

Lastly thanks a lot to the ADDA team for excellent Support. The key to the success of this application is the backbone support of a wonderfully responsive Team”  – Mr. VidyaPrakash, Secretary, Adora Owners’ Association

Thanks to Mr. VidyaPrakash, Mr. Gurbir Bhatia  and rest of the MC team for this “Adora”tion.  Exactly the stuff that keeps us going!

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