The Water Workshop for Apartment Communities

War against Water Crisis

Taps, Showers, Flushes, Fountains, Sprinklers, Hoses, Swimming Pool.

Features of an Apartment Complex that need to be fed Water – lots of Water.

Bangalore expect a Water Supply shortage of 500 Million Litres per Day.

Cauvery Water connections are pending in major parts of the City. Where it is there, supply is infrequent.

Apartment Owners Associations’ expense on private Water Tankers is spiraling upward every year.

The situation screams for a holistic Water Management Plan that every Association must have.

ADDA brings to you The Water Workshop for Apartment Communities.

A 1 Day workshop towards ensuring uninterrupted Shower for a Lifetime.

Workshop Concluded Successfully. Don’t miss the Report!

The first comprehensive Water Survey for Apartment Complexes! Fill it  TODAY!

Past Water Workshops:

Dec 6 – 2009 Water Workshop

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