Photo Upload in HelpDesk!

by Vishnu

See the Security Guard sleeping blissfully at the Main Gate at Midnight?

Take a picture, attach it to the Ticket you raise in HelpDesk.  Let the picture speak a thousand wordzzz.

Want to show your gratitude to the Electrician for reviving a long-dead Light Point? To the Helpdesk Ticket attach a picture of your child flashing a glowing smile next to the glowing light!

Yes, the HelpDesk now has a new feature – Attachment. You can attach a picture or a document while raising a Ticket, or updating a Ticket.

Same feature is available on the HelpDesk Tracker also so Admin can attach Before and After pictures of a Fault, or attach a bill for any repair work done for a Flat.

The workhorse of your ADDA ( aka Helpdesk) just got a bit more interesting!

Do share any interesting uses you may put it to!

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