Photo Album in your ADDA!

by Vishnu

The Festival season just got kicked off by Independence Day!

Nothing brings a community together like bright and colorful festivals do. And the spirit of celebration gets captured in cameras – of yours and your neighbors’. The same moments, captured from different perspectives!

Every festival season your community generates a wealth of Photos that you wish to share with neighbors, that you wish to comment on, and keep it all within the community!

Photos that new Owners or Tenants look at and know the lively little village that your campus is!

Photos that your children see years later and remember the friends they grew up with!

Now you can store these photos right in your ADDA!

The “Document Repository” on the Resident’s Dashboard is now called “Documents & Photos”.

Go ahead! Create an Album, add your Photos, have neighbors add their photos, post comments and cherish those memories!

Enjoy your ADDA!

Note: This feature is available in Premium ADDAs.

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