Daag Achhe Hain

by Vishnu


Just had a call with a Customer – Treasurer of a Housing Society with 240 Apartments.

His Situation:

Gas Bills for all Flats are generated on their ADDA. They upload the Units Consumed,  ADDA calculates and posts the Bills according to the rates they have set up.

Bill amounts are like Rs.550.40,  Rs.340.85 etc.

Now, when the Resident makes payment, he issues the Cheque for Rs.550. He ignores the 40 paise.

In the next bill, his arrears show as 40 paise. His name also shows on the automatic Defaulters List. This he finds annoying and complains to the Association (our Customer).

So, the Customer asks, can ADDA round it off to the nearest figure.

Inshaallah*, ADDA can.

But then, we know another challenge this Customer has, and how this annoyance can be a boon there.

They are trying hard to make Residents adopt a new habit – pay using the Online Payment Gateway, instead of Cheques.

Advantage for the Association when Payment Gateway is used: Handling 240 cheques every month for such small amounts is high Admin overhead. If PG is used, everything is automated, zero Admin overhead.

Advantage for the Resident: Doesn’t have to bother about writing amount, system populates the full amount to be paid – Rs. 550.40

Thankfully, the Customer sees the point.

Some Technical Annoyances can be useful too!

* – Read “”Product Team willing””

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