Tips to build a Successful RWA

by Vishnu

During the National Conference of RWAs, we cornered Mr. M. Nagaraja, who founded the Jayanagar RWA of Bangalore, 32 years back. A Survey Expert with the Indian Government, a Professor and a 76 year old witty Social Leader who believes in moving mountain using rapport, we persuaded him to share with us his Do’s and Don’ts list for RWAs.

Sharing them with you here.


1. Define “Welfare” for your particular RWA

2. Set strict limits for the scope of the RWA

3. Get 100% enrollment of Residents – continuously drive enrollment, give incentives – e.g., we shall provide you exclusive and useful information of the locality.

4. Do not collect more money than required

5. Make Transparency, Accountability and Sincerity part of the culture

6. Office Bearers must not continue beyond 2 continuous years. (3 continuous years is okay for the first set of Office Bearers). “When Water gets stagnated, it stinks”.

7. There can be annual membership, life membership, patrons.

8. Rope in Industrialists who can sponsor. Such Donations are exempt under Section 80G(5) of Income Tax Act 1961.

9. Arrange a Family Meet, preferably in December. Should not be with Profit Motive.

10. As far as possible carry on without any regulation or registration (can’t avail #8 in that case, of course), work must be voluntary, inclusive, contributory.


Nagaraja Garu wanted all the Do’s to be repeated in the opposite. 🙂

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