ADDA 2013 Calendar – Why Weekend?

by Vishnu

The 2013 ADDA calendar is reaching the ADDA Moderators and Friends right now.

Many of you have asked what’s the correlation of “Weekends” with ADDA, since the theme of the Calendar is “Grab the Weekend”.

From Day-1, ADDA existed to make the life of the Management Committee Member better -to give back their weekends!

Those 12 guys in every Apartment Complex, who raised their hands despite knowing how ‘thankless’ a job it’s going to be.

The 12 Angry  Men/Women who like to make the world a better place, starting from their immediate neighbourhood.

Those men and women who know that Great Leadership is always under-compensated, and under-appreciated.

Those men and women meet almost always, on Weekends.

They spend hours on the weekend, in the unglamorous office in the basement, making sure rest of the Residents can play in the park or enjoy the swimming pool, or simply sleep with uninterrupted power supply.

Weekends are when our – the ADDA team – phones don’t stop ringing. With excited support calls from Treasurers setting up their ADDA, innovative product enhancement inputs from power users, and new MC members wanting to know “Ye ADDA kya hai?”

Weekends are when we spend hours with these Social Leaders, admire their voluntary service and leadership with awe, and thank God for giving us the opportunity to be of help to them! We feel embarrassed when they thank us for giving time on a saturday – while we are the one getting paid for doing it!

They are the reason why the whole ADDA team works on Weekends, and loves it!

Now we are sure there are many Residents in these well run Apartment Complexes who share our appreciation for these MC members.

Here is a way you can share your appreciation, as well as get the 2013 ADDA calendar- “Grab the Weekends!”, couriered to you:

Go to the ADDA Facebook page and let us know one aspect of your Association or Society that you admire the most, or an achievement that you as Neighbours have attained together. It can be the best-New-year-celebrations ever, or a medical camp for domestic staff, or the recent STP renovation, or simply the ever-smiling President who always remembers to ask how your Dad is. Do post photos, we totally dig those!

This is not a contest. Just share your love, and we’ll share ours with you – the ADDA calendar!

Wish you a 2013 full of Life!

– ADDA Team.

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