Advisory Board – Manish Singhal

by Vishnu

Once you quit your Day job and jump into building something, initially you feel lonely. Very.

But soon you realize there are so many good men and women out there who want to help you. Want to know what your journey is about, want to ask you tough questions that will help you do course correction, want to listen.

We have un-hesitatingly knocked on their doors whenever on lonely cross-roads. And the doors were always opened, with warmth and re-assurance. Some doors we have frequently knocked on are (in the order of door discovery 🙂 ) that of RK Misra, Chandra Kumar, Sharad Sharma and Manish Singhal.

Today we are very happy to share that Manish Singhal is joining our Advisory Board! He will officially be responsible to ask us those tough questions we evade answering, and burst our echo chambers that keep building up ever so often.

A warm welcome to Manish in the Fibo series of 3Five8 Technologies and the ADDA family!

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