Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate

The Completion Certificate and the Occupancy Certificate are two important certificates builders and residents must be mindful of. This blog shall discuss both in details.


Upon completion of Construction, the Builder receives this Certificate and from the Municipal Authorities. The Certificate documents the location and land identification of the Building, certifies if the Building is in accordance with Building Standards, e.g., Distance from Road, Distance from Adjacent Buildings, Height of the Building, and other approved norms of the Municipal authority as well as the Building Plan.

Here is how a Completion Certificate looks like:

Completion Certificate


A Permission to Occupy a Building, given by the Municipal Authorities, after verification of all supporting Documents, adherence to Building standards, Fire Safety standards for HighRises, Elevator and other Electrical Safety, provision for Water Supply and Disposal, etc. The legal possession of the Flat by the Owner is valid only with this Certificate.

Here is how a Occupancy Certificate of an Apartment Complex looks like:

Occupancy Certificate

Document sharing is an important part of apartment or society management. Residents should have access to basic documents pertaining to the legalities of their properties. Let ADDA App help you to share occupancy certificates and completion certificates of your communities for resident’s reference.

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  1. If the sample completion/occupancy certificate of Bangalore/karnataka are posted then would be much better

  2. Thanks for enlightening the members about the differences between CC and OC.
    Still remains one doubt as to wherther in a SRA project, CC and OC both will be issued by SRA Collector or CC by BMC and OC by SRA ?
    Your Clarification would help many readers.
    M M Gupta, Mantri Park, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 65.

  3. Can you post any completion and occupancy certificate of Hyderabad A.P.
    This will help most people, who are not aware of this. Myself also not aware, but some time back read in news paper.. thank you very much.. regards.

  4. Mr Gupta, I am interested in buying property at Mantri Park,Orchid. Is there any issue with OC there? Is it safe to buy?

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