Disclosure. ADDA Tube.

by Vishnu


If you did read till the “Sign Up Here” link or noticed the “NoBell Prize”, you would have figured that ADDA Tube was an April Fool Creation.

If you chose not to figure it out, we love you more!

Since 2011, we have maintained a Heritage of doing a Prank Product Launch every April-1.

April-2011: ApartmentVille – A Social Game

April-2012: ADDAbot – The Ultimate Security Guard

April-2013: ADDA Tube – The Revolution in Door Delivery


They are all inspired by our Demo Meetings with highly Creative Management Committee Members.

They are all built with the same detailing and love that we give to the actual Product – your ADDA.

And why do we do it?

For the below Reactions – to see and laugh with the Child in each of us!

Thanks for playing along!





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