Water costlier for Apartments


Guest Article by: S. Venkata Krishna

We are sure, by this time you all have had the shock of revised water tariff & bill. The BWSSB, vide their circular dtd: 13.05.2013.( relevant portion reproduced at the end of this blog), has on their list, residents of high rise multi storied buildings/Central and State Government Housing Complexes, Villas/ Individual Group Housing etc.




Salient points of the revision are:

1) We are brought out of the category of “Domestic Water Consumers”

2) Water charges are increased from Rs 6/- Rs 19/-per 1000 liters

3) The minimum consumption for billing continues at 8000 liters p.m.,

4) Sanitation charges increased from Rs 15/- to Rs 100/- per flat


The questions before us are:

A. Why we (Apartment Residents) are brought out of the purview of Domestic Consumers?

B. Why we should pay 220% more for Water and 560% for Sanitation?

When we are saving the BWSSB enormous cost of installation, maintenance servicing and billng on thousands of water meters and attendant labour, instead of rewarding us, why they have chosen to penalize us at an unimaginable rate?


Is this the beginning of Attacks on Apartment Dwellers?


BWSSB Circular

 (select portion)



Apartment Owners’ Associations in and around Malleshwaram, decided to join together to find ways to resist this attack on apartment owners. A meeting held at Haritha Apartment, Malleshwaram, discussed in detail the impact of this tariff hike and ways to stop it. It was unanimously decided to (i) form a “Federation of Associations of Apartment owners” in Bangalore and mobilise as many Associations as possible; (ii) To submit a Memorandum to the Chairman, BWS&SB, (iii) to Submit a copy of this memorandum to the MLAs in each area in Bangalore and pursue the matter united.

Please contact convenor S. Venkata Krishna at: saoamalleshwaram@yahoo(dot)in

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