The Magic Lamp – Software Help

by Vishnu

 Dear ADDA Users,

The Icon for "Software Help" – the link you click for ADDA Usage queries, Bug Reports & Enhancement Suggestions – has been changed from the Orange Lifeguard to The Magic Lamp.



You: (Over Phone) Can you create this Enhancement in the Facility Booking application.

ADDA Support: Sure Sir, I will ensure the Product team knows about it. Can you please lodge it as an Enhancement Request in the "Software Help" Icon?

You: Okay! Where is the Software Help Icon?

ADDA Support: On any ADDA page, right hand panel, you will see this lifeguard icon..

You: LifeGuard? BayWatch walla?

ADDA Support: Woh sir, orange tire jaisa.. Boats pe hota hai na.. Woh wala lifeguard..

No more of that! Ushering in the Magic Lamp.  Now you know how to invoke the ADDA Support Genie! 🙂

ADDA Magic Lamp


Location on your Dashboard / any ADDA page after Login:


PS: Since the launch of our Internal Support Ticketing (Software Help) last year, 10,000+ Tickets have been lodged and processed!

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