Green Swimming Pool Water

by Vishnu

The Swimming Pool Water is Green.

Do you need to change the entire water?

If the pool of your Apartment Complex was clean and regularly used, then you may not need changing the water.

Check the pH Level, it could be higher than 7.9.

You need to bring down the pH level so that the chlorination would be more effective.

Swimming pool water is maintained with the help of balancing the properties of water, adequate water filtration and cleaning the inside walls and floors of the pool.

The colour of the water turns greenish if the chemical balancing is disturbed.

The Pool maintenance team of your Society can do a super chlorination after bringing down the pH level with continuous filtration of water.

Balancing pH level (7.2 to 7.6) and Chlorine level (1 ppm to 1.5 ppm) will get back the clarity.

If you run a large Apartment Complex (500+ flats) , it is good to ensure a regular stock of pH testing solutions in the Store Room. The Inventory Tracker feature of your ADDA comes handy for ensuring efficient stocking of Swimming Pool Chemicals along with other high value supplies.


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