Seepage in Apartments

by Vishnu

Seepage on Walls common to bathrooms is very common in Apartment Complexes.

And it falls on the Facility Manager to resolve the Seepage Issue. Here is a closer look at Seepage.

Note: This is the first Tip in a series of FacMan (FACility MANagement) tips.

Common causes of Seepage in Apartments

1. Leakage in the drainage or water pipeline of the Flat above or adjacent to yours.

2. Seepage of water through the gap between drain and tiles.

3. Leakage of Rain water through roof or cracks in the exterior wall.

Types of Seepages

1. Starts at the middle of a wall. If Seepage appears at the center of the wall, expands fast, and leads to dripping of water, the reason typically is holes in the pipeline in the same wall. This is the better evil, as the originating flat and affected flat is same!

This can be confirmed by closing the main valve to the area and observing for some time.

If it does not reduce, then it could be from the adjacent flat if you are sharing the wall. Call Maintenance/Housekeeping team for assistance. If the adjacent apartment resident is known to you, you can repeat the test by closing the water supply on their side to that area.


2. Starts at the top of a wall. If Seepage appears at the top portion of the wall, the origin is generally from the apartment above yours. It could also be from the Terrace or Sunshade.

If the water is dripping, the cause could be either a broken waste-water pipeline or water pipeline.

For an Estate Manager, resolving a seepage is often frustrating.

1. Owner of the Flat from where seepage has originated may not be affected himself.

2. Owner of the affected Flat is helpless as he has no control.

3. Maintenance/Houskeeping Team says it is not in their scope of work.

4. The Housing Society/RWA may feel helpless as Owner of the Seepage Originating Flat may not cooperate.

Keep calm 🙂

Tips to resolve the Seepage

1. Capture the Complaint accurately from the relevant flat.

2. Arrange for an experienced plumber to identify the type of leak

3. Get an estimate from the plumber or Housekeeping team, with the guidance of Facility Manager.

4. Once the seepage has been identified, a communication from the Facility Manager to the Originating Flat can start the process.

5. A clear policy for sharing the cost can expedite the resolution process.

6. Once all parties involved (originating flat, affected flats) confirm approval for the repair, the work can be started with advance payment to Vendor.

7. Appointment from the Flat for work to be confirmed by the Vendor.

8. After completion and confirmation from the complainant, and observation for a mutually agreed period, the balance payment to vendor can be released. Some vendors provide guarantee for the work done.


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