Tripping in Apartment when Generator is on

by Vishnu

Often when there is a power-cut and the Generator is switched on, you find that the lights of your apartments are switching off.

You go to the main Electrical Panel of your Flat and find your circuit-breaker has tripped. You turn it back on. But again it trips.

The reason is that your Apartment is drawing more Generator load (wattage) than assigned for each Flat. And the culprit could be your Geyser that is on.

In most Apartment Complexes the Generator capacity is sufficient to supply up to 10Amp to each Apartment.

So any Appliance that is connected to a 15Amp outlet (e.g., Geyser or Air Conditioner) may trip when the Generator is on.

However, even multiple small appliances can add up to a load greater than that allocated to your Flat! So you have the fun job of ‘load balancing’ by switching off some suspect high power appliances 🙂


You may find that when the Generator is on, the Maintenance staff of your Association may run to switch off the Treadmill and other heavy duty Equipments. Now you know why!


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