Facility Manager Workshop – Engineering Track

by Vishnu

Facility Managers are the backbone of an Apartment Complex. 

Any modern Apartment Complex that runs well, does so due to the Manager’s role in the below:

1. Timely and Incessant Servicing being done for all Equipments in the Apartment Complex

2. Handling of the queries, work requests of the Residents

3. Supervision of the many vendors providing service to the Apartment Complex

4. Assisting with the Collection of Maintenance Charges, keeping a hawk’s eye on the Expenses

5. Liaising with the Government bodies related to the functioning of the Apartment Community.

It is not easy!

And it is important for the Facility Manager to stay motivated, trained, networked and appreciated.

All the above were the core of the Facility Manager workshop on 20-Feb-2014 in Bangalore! This was the 5th Workshop for Facility Managers, conducted by ADDA. List of Earlier Workshops present here. Presentations from all Workshops conducted by ADDA present here.

There were 50+ Managers from all around Bangalore (and Coimbatore!) attending the workshop.


The session started with well organised presentations on each of the engineering aspects of an Apartment Complex: Elevators, Generators, Transformers, Fire Systems, Plumbing Infrastructure etc. 

As the session progressed interaction among all participants made it extremely informative. Questions like why brass couplings are used on the fire hose, where can the smoke from the generator be tested to ensure the diesel is being burnt completely, what kind of STPs are no longer in use in Apartment Complexes, are cameras banned in Elevators etc. brought forward very interesting insight.

The workshop anchored by Vinod from the Facility Management Excellence team of ADDA, also had Facility Managers share some funny incidents from their experience, clarifying each other’s doubts, and gathering highly valuable contact informations. 

While almost every participant added to the wholesome learning in the workshop, Mr. Divakar from Sobha Petunia was unanimously nominated as the top contributor.

Here are some pictures. 

The Anchor: Vinod KC


Interactive Participants


Guidance from Experts: John Daniel on Borewell recharging

How Software can Help: San Banerjee explaining Asset Tracker of ADDA


Top Contributing Participant: Divakar from Sobha Petunia

Winner of the Surprise Quiz: Shrikanth Hiremath of Adarsh Palm Retreat

For all Pictures from the Workshop, please click here.


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