Launch of DADA. Peace to your Forums!

by Vishnu



The most engaging, useful, powerful community feature of your ADDA.

But, frequently it turns into a raging battleground where unpleasant words are exchanged, egos are bruised, neighborly decorum is shattered. Entertainment for all, but a complete nightmare for the Management Committee.

MCs across India have tried to work out a solution. Various Moderation features have been built in your Forum.

But those are clearly not enough. We have enhancement requests of censoring unparliamentary 4-letter words. That is not enough, MC needs a solution for the many hours they need to spend to draft difficult communications like maintenance charges hike and other such communications.

So, we went a few steps further and have launched a Super Intelligent Feature!

Launching today a new Algorithm called DADA (Direct Altered to Diplomat Algorithm). It converts anything typed in, into a highly diplomatic statement.
Yes! You can type ANYTHING in your Forum, DADA will convert it into a highly Diplomatic, Sensitive and Balanced statement. Sensitivities hurt no more! AND no more time wasted in authoring well thought out Forum posts!


DADA - Direct Altered Diplomat Algorithm


You can proceed and TRY DADA right now!

Here are some Examples.

Scenario: Frequent Lift Breakdowns, you (MC Member) are fed up of people discussing it on the Forum.

You Type in: Aware of the problems, vendor wants more money, give us time.

DADA posts: Dear Residents. Thanks for your continued cooperation extended to the Management Committee for the past 7 years. We are aware of the problems, vendor wants more money, give us time. Every generation of our Management Committee is highly committed towards RTI and Empowering Women. We need your continued support. Thanks!

Scenario: You (MC) want to announce Maintenance Fee Hike.

You Type in: Our Maintenance Costs have risen with all other costs. We need to increase it by 40 paise/sqft.

DADA posts:

Dear Residents, as you are very well aware, our Economy is not seeing the best of days. Inflation is at an all-time high. The WPI is at 6%, CPI is at 8.75%, Diesel had a hike of around 22%, per ET, BS, and Unreal Times, RBI Interest rate revisions are expected which will further worsen inflation. With the policy freeze owing to Elections, we see no respite to the Economy. Our Maintenance Costs have risen with all other costs.

In conclusion, it is impossible to manage Expenses of our Apartment Complex.

We face the doom of handing over the management to the Registrar of Societies. Apart from running the Complex on a Life Support mode, the Registrar will charge us for the administrative effort ( the same effort that we MCs are providing free of cost).

There is one small ray of hope. There can be a slight revision in the Maintenance charges. We need to increase it by just Rs. 0.4/sqft. We can continue to manage the Expenses. 

Of course, this feature is for Residents also! Do try it out and let us know your feedback!

Love & Peace.

-Team ADDA

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