Urban Nirvana hits a 100%!

by Vishnu

While ADDA pretends to be the village bum (so as to remain approachable!), ultimately it’s a whole Online ERP for Residential Communities!

MC Members who deploy their ADDA put in Strategic Effort, motivate a Team to get various records together on this one ADDA of theirs. And when they do it, they have Testimonials like this for us.

To make it easy for MC members to utilise the full benefits of their ADDA, we launched the Configuration Hub. This hubs shows %age completion of each ADDA module, with a Total score.

That hub made lot of MC members sit up and get excited, as most had 60% or 70% configuration done, meaning they were utilising that much of ADDA.

Urban Nirvana of Pune, takes the Top Spot for hitting the 100% first!

Congratulations to the MC of Urban Nirvana! You are now reaping at least 15X RoI by using the complete ADDA!

Below is how they see it!


Published with Moderator’s Consent.

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