Born Again. ADDA Logo

by Vishnu


"Seriously? You are India’s #1 in your field and don’t have a consistent Brand Identity?…"

We have heard that plenty.. In our evolution story, we have prioritised Product Development, Customer Delight, Building a Proud Track Record, and have royally neglected this important thing called Brand Identity.. Our Logo looked "B2B, Trustworthy", our Brochure looked "Youthful, Innovative", our Product looked "B2C, Insightful"…

So, for someone who got introduced to our Product, would have felt we have a Multiple Personality Disorder.. 🙂




Hence, 2 months back we undertook a Re-Branding exercise and decided to reflect, *uniformly*, our Brand Values of:




Combined with our Motto of "Rise High", out came the below Logo.

So here we are. The below Logo as our Physical Form and "Rise High" continuing to be our spirit!



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