Making Old Accounting Data available Online

by Vishnu

Dear MC member, hope this new Financial Year has started well for you!

If yours is an Apartment Community that is starting on your ADDA from this financial year, you would have noticed that the Accounting Start date is 01-April of the current year.

The System allows bringing in ACTIVE Financial transactions of the Current Financial Year. This is possible if the Subscription is started before 1-January of the current Financial Year.

If Subscription is Started on 1-January and later, Financial Data can be started from 1-January or next Financial year.
You may want to have the previous years’ financial data be available to you for future reference.

There is no extra charge for storing of these old data.

We provide this function via the below:

1) Please capture all previous years’ financial data in pdf or excel and store in the Admin Files on your ADDA. Whoever has access to Admin Files will be able to view this data. You can also create folders to structure these files logically.

2) If you wish each Individual Member to be able to view their old account statement, you can upload each Account Statement (from your old accounting system), as pdf or excel, in the “Flat Specific Files”. This way a member will be able to see his/her flat’s account statement only, and not any other member’s.

This is per our company policy.


We look forward to have your ADDA go LIVE as quickly as possible and your Society to start reaping the benefits of it, just like these societies have!

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