Plan Your New Year Celebrations With ADDA

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic wand for helping you out with your New Years Celebration at home? Wave your hand and Ahoy!, your decorations are all put up on the walls! There you have your New Year Fireworks ready! Well, we can’t get you a magic wand. But, here’s something similar to it! The ADDA App!

Did someone ask how?

Keep reading, and we can promise you, by the end of the blog, you’ll be rushing to download the ADDA App if you haven’t done it already.


Want to know which bakery bakes the yummiest Cakes or struggling to find the right decorations for your Apartment, simply ask your neighbors by posting in the ADDA app. ADDAs Discussion Forum brings together the collective knowledge of the community to your disposal. 


In the event that you need to borrow some quick things towards your New Year Eve preparations, say a stepping stool for setting up the enhancements on the high walls, the best place to ask for help is again in the discussion forum.


Been overlooking that leaking tap in the kitchen or that regularly blinking light in your overhang? Brisk, raise a ticket through HelpDesk in the ADDA App, and your community help (handyman/electrician) would come and get them settled. After all, you would like to begin the new year with a shimmering as new home!

adda helpdesk

Expected Visitors

Have a significant rundown of guests you are expecting for your New Years Eve? Fearing those many calls from your security guards, asking to verify your Guests?

That is all History now!

Add your visitors as expected Visitors to your ADDA App, and your Security Guards will let your Guests through. Make your guests feel welcome by pre-authorizing their entry to your apartment complex and spare them from standing at the long queue at the gate trying to make entries.


Want to gift something special to your Domestic Help (Maid, Cook, Driver, and so on.) this season? Bear in mind to include it as a Gift-Pass in your ADDA App. This helps the security guards verify the items being carried by them. Your staff can leave the Security Gate, without being made superfluous inquiries by the Security.

ADDA gift pass

Panic Alert

Well, consider the possibility that things don’t go perfectly fine, don’t PANIC. Raise a Panic Alert.

With guests in your home, or with your home all decked up for the festivals, you would prefer not to take any risk.

On raising a Panic Alert, your Security Guards are immediately notified, and they can rush to your assistance. In the meantime, a few of your neighbors also get informed. This guarantees you get prompt help amid any crisis.

panic alert

Facility Booking

In the event that you are arranging an expansive gathering, and searching for a place to host it, then why not book a facility from your community.

Maybe the community hall? Or the Swimming Pool Area? (Depending on the facilities which are allowed to be booked for private parties in your community).

You should simply open Facility Booking in the App, check for availability and confirm your booking by making a payment right from the App.

ADDA facility booking


This is mainly for the Management Committee members.

In case you want to announce any specific Do’s & Don’ts, or want to announce the specifics or your community event, then post a Notice in ADDA

ADDA notice board

With a notice, you send your message right to the phones of all residents. It’s a far better alternative to sticking printed posters on the lifts or boards.

Yes, yes, a Magic Wand is substantially cooler. But then, What ADDA App can do is also truly amazing. Isn’t that so?

Well, wait no more! Hurry, download the App (ADDA Android, ADDA iOS) if you have not already and begin with your New Year arrangements!

Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year from all of us in ADDA!

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