Excellence in Community Governance

Mollak – Special Mention In Excellence In Community Governance

Imagine a stage illuminated with a brilliant spotlight, where the unsung heroes of residential communities take center stage. A stage that reverberates with applause, as exceptional achievements and remarkable innovations…

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Overall Sustainability at ADDA

Surprise Category Unveiled: Celebrating the Pioneers of Overall Sustainability at ADDA Rise High Awards 2023

Step into the world of extraordinary residential communities where excellence thrives and innovation knows no bounds. Brace yourself for the breathtaking showcase of achievements as we delve into the exhilarating…

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Syndic Gestion Immobilière

Syndic Property Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Property Management (Gestion Immobilière)

When it comes to efficient property management (Gestion Immobilière), the role of a syndic property manager cannot be overlooked. Syndic property management involves overseeing and maintaining multiple properties on behalf…

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ADDA Rise High Awards

Unveiling Brilliance: Highlights from the Spectacular ADDA Rise High Awards 2023

Step into a world where excellence reigns supreme! Brace yourself for an extraordinary tale of triumph and inspiration as we unveil the highlights from the spectacular ADDA Rise High Awards…

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Rights & Obligations Of Tenants

Rights & Obligations Of Tenants Without Lease Agreement

Every Country Jurisdiction has Standard Lease Agreements that must be authorised by the relevant Authority. Most Lease Relationships follow this process, which safeguards the interest of the LandLord as well as…

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Rise High Awards 2023


Proud of your Residential Community initiatives? Then here is an opportunity to celebrate your initiative! We at ADDA are thrilled to announce the launch of Rise High Awards 2023 –…

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ADDA Software

The ADDA Promise – We Protect Your Data

For You who don’t like reading long content: ADDA’s Business Model does not monetise User Data. It is a Paid SaaS – it builds great products and customers pay to…

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Dubai Land Department Registration

Registration of Co-Occupants in Dubai REST App

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) on Friday, 23rd September, notified all owners, developers, property management companies and tenants about the registration of their co-occupants in owned and leased properties. As…

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Smart Way to Pay your Community Dues

Every quarter around Rs. 185 Cr. community dues are paid using ADDA payment platform. From Apr 1st to Apr 8th, 2021, Rs. 40 Cr. of payment has been already made…

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Dear Users, we have always been your friend. And what’s a friend, if they aren’t a friend in need? ADDA brings to you the next level of convenience. You can…

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