What is MCST and How to form an MCST ?

What is MCST? MCST, Management Corporation Strata Title, is an organization formed to manage an estate. It is the managing body of a private residential community that has multiple owners…

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best owners association management initiative

Gulf Real Estate Awards 2018: Best Owners Association Management Initiative

The Gulf Real Estate Awards is the most prestigious awards in the Real Estate Segment of UAE and GCC countries. It recognizes the advances happening in Real Estate and inspires…

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Raheja Empress Tanna Residency Goes Live on ADDA GateKeeper

One of the most premium societies in Mumbai, Raheja Empress Tanna Residency has brought their security online on ADDA GateKeeper. Raheja Empress Tanna Residency, in one of the most landmark…

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plan new year celebrations

Plan Your New Year Celebrations With ADDA

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic wand for helping you out with your New Years Celebration at home? Wave your hand and Ahoy!, your decorations are all…

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balenciaga scarpe Speed ​​Trainer

                     balenciaga scarpe Speed ​​Trainer La scarpa è realizzata in materiale intrecciato rosa pallido, con un’intersuola bianca irregolare dalla forma esagerata. La…

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Writing a Thesis Papers without Delays

The academic demand of writing a thesis paper requires not only strong educational background but productive skills to create an extraordinary thesis. Most of the students find this task as…

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Apartment Communities – United to Combat Climate Change

Did you know that just by choosing to live in an apartment instead of a standalone house, you qualify as an environmentalist and contribute to tackling climate change? Are you…

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