Young Tutors in your Apartment Complex

During my school days in Kolkata, many High School and College Students used to offer tuition classes for School Children.

These Young Tutors received the below benefits through offering Tuitions:

1) Building Self-Confidence, earning Pocket Money
2) Keeping their Subject Basics Strong
3) Honing on Communication / Storytelling skills – useful in any job.

The smaller children learning from Young Tutors also gain:

1) Since these Young tutors seem like their older siblings, and not like their school teachers, they feel free to ask silly doubts
2) The young tutor typically takes on 1-2 students, thereby giving 1:1 attention
3) For learning basics, their parents don’t end up paying a lot, which is typically the case with professional tutors.

Apartment communities with hundreds of families with children in different age groups are best suited for these Student – to Student tuition.
Primary Students who wish to learn a new language, or simply need help with homework due to busy parents, can very well learn from Older students.

How to get Started with Offering Tuitions in your Apartment Complex

If you are in High School / College, decide on a subject that you want to teach. Decide on the age group that you want to teach.
E.g., you wish to teach Hindi to students in classes 1-5.
Start it first as a Workshop. A 2-week course in the summer vacation. This will give you an idea if you are good at it.

Announce this Workshop on ADDA – Your Apartment SuperApp as a Conversation Post.
Also, request your Admin (via Helpdesk on ADDA app) to set this up as an Activity.
Your neighbours can discover your class and enroll online right on the “Activities” option on the ADDA app.

That’s it! Conduct your class, share the pictures of your class and student testimonials on the Album on ADDA app. Fill up your next class.
Have more suggestions for Young Tutors? Do share!
Happy Guru Purnima!

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