Rise High Awards 2019 – Categories

by ADDA.io

“Imagine the possibilities of A Connected Community”

ADDA was created with the vision to build connected communities. A connected community holds the potential to achieve sustainability within the community as well as outside. Rise High Awards is all about celebrating, acknowledging and appreciating sustainability. This platform shows imagination turned to reality – it shows the power of a connected community to bring about viable changes in their social, financial, administrative and environmental ecosystem.

Introducing the Rise High Awards 2019 categories:

Waste Management

If your apartment community has actively ensured the collective waste does not end up in landfills, you are qualified to enter your nomination details for the Awards.

Check out the stories of waste management by some of the premier apartment complexes here.

Water Management

We are losing our water resources, and we are losing it fast. Rainwater Harvesting, Gray Water Recycling, Sewage Treatment Plants are some of the initiatives that qualify under this head. But if you have an out of the box water management story to share, we are all ears.

Click here to see apartment complexes solving their water woes like a pro.

Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels run out. With rising demand and limited resources, it is time to look at alternative sources to fulfill our energy demands. Solar plant installation, windmill installation to take care of an apartment community’s partial or entire energy requirement are worth a Rise High nomination.

Curious to know if other apartment complexes are doing the same? Well then, click here!

Green Initiatives

With rising deforestation, plantation drives are need of the hour. A long lasting plantation drive is what we are looking for under this category. Exceptional beautification and landscaping of the community, keeping sustainability in mind, are the kind of stories ADDA would love to hear.

Read on the story of Mallika Malancha for inspiration.

Domestic Staff Welfare

The most underrated backbone of our country’s economy are the domestic staff. Ever marginalised, their contributions make our life easy. Sustained initiatives to appreciate their effort and taking steps to benefit the staff deserves a worthy mention.

Deccan Palms Villa shows the way with their domestic staff welfare initiatives.

Initiatives Outside The Gate

A community that helps the surrounding area grow, is a connected community in the true spirit of the term. Any long term activity done to ensure the peaceful coexistence of an apartment community with others sharing the same space are eligible for this category.

Deccan Palms Villa goes on to show another beautiful example of taking initiatives outside the proverbial gate.

Association-Builder Collaboration

Sounds strange, isn’t it? But it is possible. Collaborating with the builder to bring about better management of the apartment community may be rare, but not unheard of. So do you have such a story to share?

Check out how Century Indus made it easy to solve their issues with cooperation from the builder.

Best Community Manager

This is your chance to say a big thank you to your community manager for taking steps to build a safer, efficient and beautiful apartment community. Taking care of the day to day activities of your gated community, your community manager indeed deserve a pat on the back.

Words are often restrictive. But let that not restrict you from sharing your stories with us. Rise High Awards celebrates the unconventional routes residents and management committees take to bring about quantifiable change in their community. So what are you waiting for? Send in your nominations NOW!

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