Manage Service Requests to your Community Management on the Go

by adda

Unlock the Helpdesk module to get quick resolutions, timely updates on your maintenance service requests. Here is how the Helpdesk module makes Service Management super easy for you.

  • Get timely updates – You can view and track your service requests to your Community Management. Add comments and check updates on the ticket while the service is in progress. 
  • Faster resolution – Help your Community management understand any issue better by attaching photos.
  • Better accountability –  Helpdesk tickets will automatically be escalated to the next level of authority if not resolved within the specified time. You can also mark the ticket as urgent and your request will be taken up on priority.
  • Continuous Improvement – You can rate the service, and give feedback to your Community Management, after your request gets resolved. Hence community management can continuously work on improving their services

To unlock this feature, reach out to your Community Management  or contact us here.

Community Helpdesk

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