ADDA Panic Alert


Safety is one of the utmost concern, when it comes to community security and secure living. ADDA provides robust security solutions for apartment communities. It keeps you updated on all your visitors, daily helps, sends real time notifications and has the option to raise a panic alert in cases of emergencies. 

Panic Alert

Not just this, ADDA App comes to your rescue when you’re in the middle of an emergency situation.

All you need to do is raise an Alert right from your App, with just a three second button press.

Open the ADDA App – and the panic alert button is right there on the home screen to the top right corner. The button is sticky and does not move, even when you are scrolling the home page.

When you raise an alert, it triggers a Panic Alert Notification to your Community Security Guard and your Unit Members.

Once the security guard sees the alert, he/she can respond to you immediately and provide the required assistance.

You can also choose to notify two of your neighbours and two of your friends. Thus, whenever you raise an alert, they will get an SMS with your contact details.

One can configure the panic alert by going to ADDA App -> Single Click On Panic Alert button -> Configure.

So the next time you’re in an emergency situation, do not panic. 

Raise an Alert from your ADDA App and Get immediate Help!

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