Emergency Contacts For Apartment Communities

The Coronavirus pandemic has successfully drawn our attention to things we have taken for granted. One vital element among them is to keep emergency contacts handy.

How To Use Emergency Contacts?

For Residents

In the new UI, the resident find the Emergency Help button the first thing at the top right corner of the Home Screen. They are taken to the Emergency Contacts directly.

Panic Alert Button
Emergency Contacts On ADDA App
Home Screen -> Top Right Corner -> Panic Alert Button -> Reach E. Contacts

For Management Committee

In the current situation, some extremely important Contacts that can come in handy are :

  • Ambulance
  • Nearest Hospital
  • Nearest Police Station
  • Grocery Home Delivery Services
  • Medical Supplies Home Delivery Services
  • Resident Community Doctor
  • In house Medical Clinic (if available)

The Management Committee or Resident Welfare Association can now easily set up a bank of vital contacts available to the residents for their use.

All the MC members have to do is log in to the ADDA Admin portal. Click on Set Up ADDA Profile. Select Emergency Contacts from the drop down menu and list the relevant numbers. It’s that simple!

Emergency Contacts On ADDA App
ADDA Admin Portal -> Setup ADDA Profile -> E. Contacts

What Is Different?

ADDA recognises the importance of having a list of important contacts handy for all individuals in this time of great crisis. We have therefore made available our Emergency Contacts feature to all users.

Earlier the emergency contacts set up feature was available to communities using the ADDA GateKeeper. However, it is not just GateKeeper users who need the availability of significant contacts. Therefore, we have ensured to quickly separate this feature from the GateKeeper module to give access to all users to make full use of this feature.

Emergency Contacts : Now Available At Your Fingertips
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Emergency Contacts : Now Available At Your Fingertips
There is no alternative to having emergency contacts handy at all times. This blog discusses how the ADDA App helps you to always have a bank of emergency contacts to handle any unfortunate situation.
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