Society Billing Software – A Resident Must Have in 2022

Even two decades back, the ideal of owning a house meant finding the right land in an appropriate location; finding the best architects to bring your dream to reality, contacting trustworthy vendors to supply the building materials, and getting a good engineer to oversee the construction of your own haven. Needless to say, this is a time-consuming process and time is not something we have in plenty these days.

Therefore, luxury apartment communities have become the new definition of the dream residential housing. With society billing software driving the daily functions of these communities, apartment life is the new trend of luxury living in the real estate market. 

Society Billing Software - A Resident Must Have Software

Society billing software is the icing on the cake that luxury gated communities are. These communities are defined by their sprawling lush green acres of quiet residential property. With towering blocks and lavish facilities, society accounting software makes it that much easier for residents to account and live their community life to the fullest.

Coordination with management committees or estate managers or facility managers is streamlined, automated, and quick. ADDA automates all financial aspects, ensuring optimum use of finances. A society billing app is indeed the must-have in every resident’s phone to make the most out of their luxurious community life. 

Why Does A Resident Need A Society Billing Software?

To ensure the money you paid for the ownership in a premium gated community is worth every penny. A society management software is not just for the MC or estate managers. Without the residents’ involvement, the infrastructure is pretty much useless. These softwares are built keeping in mind the residents’ convenience. Managing your personal unit and facility usage becomes easy breezy with such an app in your hands.

Living in a gated community comes with certain responsibilities too. One of the major responsibilities being paying the maintenance fees on time to avoid penalty charges, which can be pretty high. Another important aspect being keeping oneself updated with all the community rules and regulations, meetings and other updates on a regular basis. 

With a lifestyle that is constantly fast paced and movable from one place to another, it becomes very important to have a solution that can help you take care of your home from any part of the world whatsoever. Commercial systems as these help achieve the objective of being in touch with your home effortlessly.

1. Bid Farewell To Defaulting

With so much going on in our lives, we often forget a few things that we need to do. One of them is paying the community maintenance charges on time. Late deposition also causes imposition of high penalty charges, which often become a greater deterrent to pay the dues one owes to the community. Society billing software comes with modules to pay maintenance fees easily online.

Netbanking can become cumbersome at times. However, having the option to pay through easier online methods like UPI, Credit/Debit Card or AMEX cards only makes this important task easier. That is not the only benefit though. Automated reminders of paying your maintenance bills before the due date ensures you get that little extra help to remember important things amidst your busy schedule.

Constant reminders through SMS, email, in app notifications help you to avoid the penalty charge. Which essentially means savings for you. Society billing software also ensures your invoices and receipts after payment, are always available for instant recall in the app. This helps you to keep detailed records of all your payments to the Association to ensure there is no discrepancy in the future.

With ADDA App, bid farewell to defaulters in your apartment complex

2. Always Be On The Same Page As Your Community

Living in a gated community also means following certain rules and regulations of the community. With unit numbers crossing hundreds and sometimes, even thousands, it becomes difficult to manually inform residents of all the community updates. This is where again a society billing software app again comes in handy. With add on features, apart from financial modules, notices regarding any community news can be shared quickly through multiple channels like email, SMS and in app notifications ensuring the message is not missed by each and every resident.

Also the very vital Annual General Meeting and MC elections can be planned and communicated through such software. Minutes of all important meetings can also be shared via such society billing software applications.

Keeping in contact with our neighbors is important. However, sometimes we may not have their phone numbers. In-app chat features help to communicate with neighbors as and when required without having their phone numbers.

Not just that. Residents too can raise community discussions on any topic of their choice. This module has often brought residents of communities together to work for social causes as a group. The society billing software available in the market these days, also doubles as the private social network for housing societies, apartment complexes, and gated communities. 

3. With Society Billing Software, Make Full Use Of Your Facilities

Let us face it. A property in a gated community does not come cheap. One important reason for this is the availability of several facilities within the community. Clean swimming pools, state of the art gyms, community banquet halls, clubhouses, tennis courts and other facilities are installed for a complete luxury experience of every resident.

However, manually figuring out when the facilities can be used, can get tiresome. Also payment for these facilities is another obstacle to cross. This is again where society billing software comes in handy. Taking technology several steps further, the software comes with features that incorporate all the steps leading to a financial transaction. 

Society Billing Software

Booking calendars show availability of each facility. Payments can be made through the software app with just a couple of clicks. The society billing software app comes inbuilt with instant online payment and confirmation features for facilities as well. 

4. Know Where Your Money Goes

Maintenance charges, utility fees, facility booking charges all become a part of the society billing accounts. How this money is being used must be informed to the residents regularly.

Society billing software promotes transparency in society management. Being a legal stakeholder of the society, you are within your rights to question the financial status of the housing society. The software organises and tracks all data related to income and expenditure along with comparison graphs of all transactions. Such data is available for immediate recall and helps to prevent pilferage or leakage of funds. 

Society Billing Software

Are you looking for a society billing software for your community? Contact us to schedule a free demo and bring all your apartment needs in one integrated comprehensive platform. 

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